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When: 30.8.2017

Query/ Response:
Hello there,

You may look forward to following Tour plan to cover all desired places:
Day-1: Arrive at Jalgaon Railway Station, Night halt in Jalgaon Hotel
Day-2: Jalgaon to Ellora by road, Ellora tour - Night stay in Jalgaon
Day-3: Jalgaon to Ajanta caves, Ajanta to Aurangabad city, City tour, Night stay in Aurangabad
Day-4 & 5: Aurangabad to Tadoba (need to get exact location of this - If need to Jalgaon - have this done on day-2), day tour of Tadoba, night stay back in Aurangabad - Paithan Garden or Aurangabad to Jalgaon, night stay in Jalgaon and then train
In other words, you could complete tour in 4-5 maximum days. Let us know if any specific assistance required.


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