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Ajanta Caves details - Cave 4

The porch colonnade of cave 4 began at the same time as those of cave 17,but was not finished. There were faults in the rock, which probably were against further excavations. Apart from the seated Buddha in the shrine, there are large unfinished Buddha images. These remained unfinished because by the time the cave was excavated patronage was finished. There is a double row of kneeling devotees by the crouching deer. All these are witnessing the symbolic wheel of law.
There is a goddess at the upper left corner of the porched doorway with a flowering tree above her. Dwarf musicians play instruments among the seated dwarf on the corner of the pillars. They are carved with great verve. One can almost hear the resonance of sound by looking at them
There is a flowery pilaster at left rear of the Interior. As patronage was finishing, the work on the pilaster was borrowed from previous pilasters of the same kind, through fresh, there is nothing new in it.

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