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    Why You Must Visit The World Heritage Site of Ellora Caves
    India.com News
    As opposed to Ajanta caves that are carved into a sheer rock face, the Ellora caves gave architects the opportunity to build large courtyards in front of shrines, giving the sculptures a surreal quality. It is also interesting to note that the ...

    Posted: 12-10-2018 12:50
    Pakhipahar fast emerging as a new abode for experiential tourism
    BW Businessworld
    All across the world, monumental rock carving used to be a traditional practice in India which gave form to the famous rock cut temples of Ellora, Ajanta, Mahabalipuram and the great caves of Elephanta. These one-of-their-kind sculptures in intricate ...

    Posted: 12-10-2018 01:06
    Famous and Unique Sculptures of India
    Located in the district of Maharashtra, the Ajanta Caves are a group of about 30 rock-cut caves constructed during the second century. Inside, there are rock sculptures throughout each of the caves. The sculptures range from deities to animals, but all ...

    Posted: 09-10-2018 03:40
    Here's How The Caves of Ajanta is Much More Than Just a Tourist Destination
    India.com News
    The Ellora and Ajanta caves usually are spoken about together but there's so much grandiosity and magnificence in each one of them that it's best to talk about them separately. They're both located outside of Aurangabad (an eight-hour train ride from ...

    Posted: 08-10-2018 13:33
    Majestic heights
    The Statesman
    ... a small town on the bank of Spiti, surrounding a thousand-year old architectural marvel monastery complex on a flat ground having a plethora of mud statues and wall paintings, similar to those in the Ajanta and Ellora caves but they were mostly ...

    Posted: 07-10-2018 00:14
    Aurangabad —where there is so much to see
    Financial Chronicle (press release) (blog)
    For most visitors, a visit to Aurangabad begins with the world heritage sites of the Ajanta Caves. The drive to Ajanta takes at least two hours, and it is best to leave early, as the caves can only be visited between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. There is also a ...

    Posted: 04-10-2018 03:16
    Ajanta Caves arrive in Amdavad with the massive canvases of artist Pisurwo Suralkar
    Creative Yatra
    This artist has brought his rendition of the cave paintings of Ajanta to the famous 'cave' of Ahmedabad – Amdavad ni Gufa. Brought by invitation of Anil Relia, this is an exhibition of mammoth canvases, abstract female forms and laser light paintings.

    Posted: 29-09-2018 20:18
    Here's what to expect from FPW Winter/Festive 2018
    Something Haute
    Chandbala derives inspiration from the bali (hoop) drawing as seen in the caves of Ajanta. Wardha's collection is a splendid mix of fabrics like organza, silk, jamawar, velvet incorporated with zardozi and gota work. So, if you are someone who ...

    Posted: 26-09-2018 19:18
    A book on how India survived in spite of Nehruvian secularism
    The Sunday Guardian
    Particularly poignant is the way the author shows the way Ajanta caves and Ellora caves are maintained. The cult and myth of Asoka that the Nehruvian state built, moved the Indian state towards a faulty understanding and sympathy for Buddhism. But if ...

    Posted: 22-09-2018 22:33
    Jungle Ke Baahubali: Epic showcases the magnificence of India
    The Statesman
    ... Gol Gumbaz in Hyderabad, Konark Sun Temple in Orissa, Jantar Mantar in Jaipur, Vijay Stambh in Rajasthan, Mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadu and Ajanta-Ellora caves in Maharashtra along with Lothal and Dholavira in Gujarat – the prominent archaeological ...

    Posted: 21-09-2018 17:12